Tyres, Tracking and Wheel alignment

Our expert technicians can also fit your new tyres.

We check they are operating safely and efficiently by balancing the finished wheel and tyre and if needed tracking your steering to ensure minimum wear in normal driving.

Too much toe in or toe out will scrub the tyre so that the tyre will wear incorrectly. Also correct fitments and tyre pressures helps with the economy of your car by reducing drag.

At Money Save Service Station in Altrincham we are happy to help and give you free advice on any issue with your vehicle.


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Customer Care Statement

Customer care charterMoney Save Service Station Ltd will:

Not discriminate for any reason and will treat all customers with courtesy, respect and fairness.
Make every effort to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations, and will not recommend or carry out work which is unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive.
Not use any high pressure selling techniques to carry out work, but will inform the customer of any action that in our opinion is to be recommended on the grounds of safety, reliability or simply good customer care.

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