Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST


Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST™

Money-Save Service Station chooses Castrol EDGE because we trust the superior strength of Castrol’s products and know they offer the best protection to our customers vehicles.

Castrol are pioneering in their development of new products to meet the ever increasing demands of new engine technologies. With smaller and more powerful engines the pressures have almost doubled in the past 10 years. Engines need Oil that is proven to be strong and remain strong.

By boosting Castrol EDGE with Titanium, at a molecular level, Castrol have been able to change the way that oil behaves under extreme pressure to form shock absorbing pads to prevent metal-to-metal contact – therefore reducing friction in the engine by up to 15%*.

The molecular Titanium in Castrol’s new product allows the oil to double its film strength to prevent oil film breakdown which keeps the oil at its maximum strength for 140 hours longer** (approx. 7000 miles at an average 50mph).

The Challenges
•    Engine pressures have increased
•    Engine temperatures have increased
•    Engine power had increased
•    Increasing MPG and lower CO2

The Effect on Oil
•    Demands on Oil are increasing
•    Oil is thinner to meet MPG targets
•    Oil is under higher pressure

The Breakthrough
•    Castrol EDGE is boosted with Titanium
•    Titanium physically changes the way oil behaves
•    Titanium forms shock absorbing pads to prevent metal-to-metal contact

The Fact is Castrol Edge with titanium FST is up to 45% stronger than major competitors oil.

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