SAVE ON LABOUR – Up to 40% cheaper than a main dealer

Have your vehicle serviced to a high standard. We use settings to return your car to correct running whenever possible.

If during the service other work needs to be done, we will contact you and request your agreement before continuing.

  • SERVICING from only £69.50 *
  • SAVE ON LABOUR – Up to 40% cheaper than a main dealer
  • SAVE ON PARTS – we use OE quality parts and Castrol lubricants
  • Manufacturer warranty remains intact
  • Collection and delivery within 5 miles
  • Free wash and valet with a premier service

Newer cars have their service record online, we are able to put your service details online with Jaguar, Range Rover, Audi, BMW and VW.

BMW Owners - We have Main Dealer level ability to read you electronic key, which will result in any poor running being able to be investigated fully and a report given to you.



Premier Service

The Premier Service is £89.00 plus parts plus VAT and includes a free valet.

Under Car

  • Change oil and filter using correct specification oil
  • Visually check all petrol pipes, brake pipes, suspension parts and exhaust
  • Check hand brake linkages are free and operating correctly
  • Check back axle and gear box levels
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Check wheel bearings for adjustments
  • Check wheel rims and tyres for any wear or damage
  • Remove road wheels and drums
  • Clean off brake drum and shoes with chemical cleaner
  • Check brake cylinders, pads and shoes
  • Refit drums and adjust brakes
  • Refit road wheels
  • Check tyre pressures including spare

Engine Compartment

  • Fill engine with correct amount of oil, allowing for filter
  • Check fan belt condition and adjustment
  • Check levels of radiator, battery, clutch, brake fluid and power steering
  • Fill washer bottle(s) and add screen wash
  • Check lights and indicators, washers, wipers and horn
  • Clean steering wheel and gear lever, etc.
  • Change Spark plugs if needed
  • Renew rocker cover gasket if applicable
  • Check throttle body or add fuel treatment to improve running
  • Change air filter if contaminated
  • Start car – Check for leaks of oil and water
  • Add fuel treatment to improve performance
  • Replace Key Fob battery when possible
  • Road test report & advise any additional work

Interim Service *

The Interim service is £69.50 plus parts plus VAT

  • Change oil and oil filter (correct specification Castrol oil for your car)
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels
  • Check brakes for worn friction material
  • Check brake fluid level and quality to ensure safe braking
  • Check steering for worn or damaged components
  • Check suspension for worn or damaged components such as coil springs
  • Check tyres and report if replacement is required
  • Check air filter for cleanliness
  • Stamp in service book or update the online service record

Call Money-Save Service Station, Altrincham today on 0161 928 5980 or email to get your car fully serviced.

Money-Save service station use BG and Sol-X products because of the benefits that our customer receives in the form of increased fuel efficiency and decreased carbon deposits.


Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST™

Money-Save Service Station chooses Castrol EDGE because we trust the superior strength of Castrol’s products and know they offer the best protection to our customers vehicles.

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Customer Care Statement

Customer care charterMoney Save Service Station Ltd will:

Not discriminate for any reason and will treat all customers with courtesy, respect and fairness.
Make every effort to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations, and will not recommend or carry out work which is unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive.
Not use any high pressure selling techniques to carry out work, but will inform the customer of any action that in our opinion is to be recommended on the grounds of safety, reliability or simply good customer care.

Call Money-Save Service Station, Altrincham today on 0161 928 5980
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