Servicing the car

Have your vehicle serviced to a high standard bringing it back to manufacturer’s settings wherever possible.

If during the service other work needs to be done, we will contact you and request your agreement before continuing.

  • SERVICING from only £69.50*
  • SAVE ON LABOUR – Up to 60% cheaper than a main dealer
  • SAVE ON PARTS – we only use genuine quality parts & lubricants
  • Manufacturer Warranty Remains Intact
  • Collection & delivery within 5 miles
  • Free Wash & Valet with a service

Call Money-Save Service Station, Altrincham today on 0161 928 5980
or email to get your car fully serviced.

Interim Service *

The Interim service at £69.50 plus parts and VAT includes

  • Change oil and oil filter (fully synthetic oil)
  • Top up bonnet fluid levels
  • Check brakes
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check steering
  • Check suspension
  • Check tyres
  • Check air filter
  • Collection & delivery
  • Stamp in service book

Premier Service

The Premier Car Servicing is much more comprehensive and includes

Under Car

  • Change oil and filter using good specification oil
  • Visually check all petrol pipes, brake pipes, suspension parts and exhaust
  • Check hand brake linkages are free and operating correctly
  • Check back axle and gear box levels
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Check wheel bearings for adjustments
  • Check wheel rims and tyres for any wear or damage
  • Remove road wheels and drums
  • Clean off brake drum and shoes with chemical cleaner
  • Check brake cylinders, pads and shoes
  • Refit drums and adjust brakes
  • Refit road wheels
  • Check tyre pressures including spare

Engine Compartment

  • Fill engine with correct amount of oil, allowing for filter
  • Check fan belt condition and adjustment
  • Check levels of radiator, battery, clutch, brake fluid and power steering
  • Fill washer bottle(s) and add screen wash
  • Check lights and indicators, washers, wipers and horn
  • Clean steering wheel and gear lever, etc.
  • Change plugs
  • Renew rocker cover gasket if applicable
  • Check throttle body or add fuel treatment to improve running
  • Change air filter if contaminated
  • Start car – Check for leaks of oil and water
  • Add BJ fuel treatment to improve performance
  • Replace Key Fob battery when possible
  • Road test report & advise any additional work

Call Money-Save Service Station, Altrincham today on 0161 928 5980
or email to get your car fully serviced.

Money-Save service station use BG products because of the benefits that our customer receives in the form of increased fuel efficiency and decreased carbon deposits.


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