Head Gasket Repair

Once a head gasket is blown, it can cause further damage to your vehicle’s engine such as decreased fuel efficiency, leakages of liquid, loss of water and overheated engine. The longer you drive with a blown gasket, the more severe damage it causes to the engine. In worst case, if left untreated for a long time, a complete engine replacement could be required. Also, head gasket separates liquids from each other in the engine.

The head gasket is an extremely critical sealing component of your vehicle’s engine. And thus, any potential problem with a head gasket should be dealt with immediately; or it may result in more severe problems in the engine and increase repair expenses, if ignored. So don’t ignore your cars problems, get them fixed with Money Save Service Station in Altrincham, we pride ourselves on professional and cost effective repairs.

Head Gasket Repair Services

  • Overall inspection
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Professional mechanics
  • Expert advice
  • Renew head gasket

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