Car Radiator Replacement

radiatorAt Money Save Service Station in Altrincham we specialise in overheating problems associated with your cars cooling system. Many parts of a car can be prone to overheating or being damaged if they overheat, and the radiator acts to help regulate the temperature by pumping water and anti-freeze liquid through the system, helping to reduce the heat generated by the engine. If your radiator leaks or fails, it could cause huge damage to your engine and you may end up paying a lot more than if you were to replace the car radiator.

If you are apprehensive that you’re having radiator problems, you should refrain from driving your car as you could cause it some serious damage. Fortunately, we’re able to supply and fit a new one. Dependant on your cars make and model, this could be done same day. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your cars issues handled by our experts.

Car Radiator Replacement Services in Altrincham

  • Leaking gaskets replaced with new
  • Wide range of new car radiators
  • Highly experienced technical and distribution staff

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At Money Save Service Station in Altrincham we are happy to help and give you free advice on any issue with your vehicle.

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