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Engine Diagnostics

Engine management light

When the engine warning light comes on and stays on whilst the car is running, then this indicates that there is a malfunction with the engine management system.

We recommend that you contact Money-Save immediately to avoid damage to your engine or catalytic convertor.

Once your car is checked in at Money-Save Service Station, we will perform a car diagnostic test with our advanced equipment. This will allow our technicians to quickly rectify the problem,.

After the work is completed, we will run the car diagnostic test again to make sure that everything is working correctly and give you a print out.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

Dashboard lights

The Diagnostics Process

  1. Client consultation gives our technicians the opportunity to gather important and relevant information about your problem.
  2. Inspecting the vehicle with you ensures that our understanding of the fault is in line with yours
  3. All vehicle systems are interrogated for current and historical faults
  4. Technical service bulletins are consulted for known issues and software updates
  5. System data is evaluated highlighting anomalies and identifying tests required to find the cause of your fault.
  6. Technical information is consulted to ensure accurate testing
  7. Test results are analysed and the client is called with recommendations.

Each fault is different, so the final cost of diagnosis depends on the number and type of tests required for your vehicle. Our initial evaluation costs £42.

Should the number of tests required exceed the initial evaluation then we'll contact you with our recommendations.

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Customer Care Statement

Customer care charterMoney Save Service Station Ltd will:

Not discriminate for any reason and will treat all customers with courtesy, respect and fairness.
Make every effort to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations, and will not recommend or carry out work which is unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive.
Not use any high pressure selling techniques to carry out work, but will inform the customer of any action that in our opinion is to be recommended on the grounds of safety, reliability or simply good customer care.

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