Innovative Technology

We suggest that a good quality Bosch battery will work out cheaper, due to a longer life cycle

Bosch batteries always meet the high quality demanded by international original equipment manufacturer and deliver the performance needed for cold starts and the increased electrical demands for the modern vehicle.

Bosch has batteries for every requirement, for every customer. Each individual battery within the Bosch range has been designed specifically for the type of vehicle, as well as for the vehicles equipment, driveability and climate.

Advantages of the Bosch battery S3

  • 3 year warranty
  • Innovative silver technology
  • Electrical valued reflect OE specification to circa year 2000
  • Recommended for older vehicles with low level of electrical consumers and small diesel engines.

Advantages of the Bosch battery S4

  • 4 Year warranty
  • Innovative silver technology
  • 15% increased cold start power
  • 20% increased service life
  • Meets today’s OE recommendations
  • Covers 97% of the market
  • Recommended for mass market vehicles with standard factory fitted electrical consumers.


Bosch batteries

Advantages of the Bosch battery S5

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Innovative silver technology
  • 30% increased cold start power
  • 30% increased service life
  • Exceeds OE recommendations
  • Covers 97% of the market
  • Recommended for high end models, diesels and vehicles with ‘retro-fit’ electrical consumer such as portable Sat-Nav.

Advantages of the Bosch battery S6

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Extremely cycle and vibration proof
  • 3 times service life
  • 10 times higher vibration resistance
  • 100% maintenance free, 100% leak proof
  • Install in any position
  • Faster recharge acceptance (twice of a gel)
  • Non Hazardous classification
  • Increasingly being fitted to more mainstream models by vehicle manufactures.

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