Are you concerned about Main Dealer prices?

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Our highly trained technicians will service your car at competitive prices and use only manufacturers parts or high quality replacement parts so that your warranty will not be invalidated.

Money-Save is not tied to any manufacturer. We understand all makes and models and have won Best UK small garage twice.

Money Save Service Centre is based in Altrincham, Cheshire and have a team of fully qualified technicians ready to service your car. We cover everything from car repairs, MOT’s and car servicing to car diagnostics and diagnostic testing.

Call us. We may be able to solve your problem over the phone.

We have over 38 years experience in the car repair and servicing industry and are dedicated to making sure our staff are fully trained with all the latest techniques and knowledge, so your car is serviced by fully qualified technicians.

Money-Save don’t have the vast overheads, leading manufacturers have so you can be sure that our prices are considerably lower.

*We will try to equal or beat any written estimate you bring to us.*


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MOT test centreMOT

We will make your visit as trouble free as possible

Once you have chosen Money-Save for this MOT we will remind you on each subsequent anniversary to help keep you and your family safe.

Customer Care Statement

Customer care charterMoney Save Service Station Ltd will:

Not discriminate for any reason and will treat all customers with courtesy, respect and fairness.
Make every effort to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations, and will not recommend or carry out work which is unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive.
Not use any high pressure selling techniques to carry out work, but will inform the customer of any action that in our opinion is to be recommended on the grounds of safety, reliability or simply good customer care.

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